UNAIR has been a destination for foreign students to study

UNAIR has been a destination for foreign students to study. (Photo Illustration / Team UNAIR NEWS)


UNAIR NEWS – One way to achieve Top 500 World Universities is by reinforcing international network. This step has been done by UNAIR, through all units and faculties in this campus including Postgraduate School.

Vice Director I for Academic Affairs Postgraduate School (SP) Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’ruf, M.Kes, drh., said that his faculty has conducted many programs involving international parties. In addition to conducting joint researches with other institutions, SP also establishes educational collaboration. For example, coming to another campus to offer the SP program as an alternative for the students in the campus.

For example, last year, SP visited three campuses in Myanmar after establishing communication with the campus parties. Many of the students in these campuses were interested to continue their studies at UNAIR.

“They were interested to many faculties including to the Postgraduate School, ” said Professor of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in his office on Monday, November 6.

The arrival of Anwar and other UNAIR lecturers to Myanmar was also to conduct one of the stages of selection. From the test results, many students will officially become students of SP.

All this time, there were many scholarship paths available at UNAIR and available for foreign students. In SP, there are already a number of foreign students. For example, from Nigeria, Tanzania, Syria, etc.

Indeed, the presence of foreign students is not the only variable to boost the rankings at world level. There are many other variables such as the number of international publications indexed Scopus.

To increase the number of publications, SP holds a Visiting Professor program. There are two Professors from Malaysia this year. Besides teaching, they also provide technical guidance for students and lecturers on articles submission to reputable international journals. The target, at least there are six articles that can be published, in connection with the presence of two Malaysian academics.

“One of our students, has already written in a reputable international journal. One article has been published, one more has been accepted and ready to be published, “said Anwar.

Anwar added that his school has regularly held international conferences every year. Students and lecturers are also directed to attend international seminars and conferences on other campuses, domestic and abroad.

World-class general lecture is often performed by each of the existing programs. Thus, the students and faculty will get wider insights. Their perspective becomes richer so that the quality of human resources will be even more secure. Thus, SP is able to compete at global level.


Master’s Programs

  • Immunology
  • Human Resources Development
  • Forensic Science
  • Fisheries and Marines Biotechnology
  • Science in Law and Development
  • Science in Islamic Economics
  • Police Science
  • Disaster Management
  • Technobiomedic

Doctoral Programs

  • Islamic Economics
  • Human Resources Development

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